After School Care

Why A Martial Arts After School Program?......

After School Martial Arts programs have been PROVEN to raise grades in children with learning obstacles, while simultaneously improving attention-spans AND reducing anxiety.

We can promise you that Martial Arts, as a whole, is designed to make the participant THINK with their mind BEFORE reacting with the body. This type of self-control and confidence lasts a lifetime.

Our Program

Our After School care includes Physical Activities (Lots of Karate, various sports, outside play, dodge ball)

Arts and Crafts and help with Homework.

Our trained staff help children work on developing problem solving skills for school and life.


Dragonz members-350.00+HST per month

Non-members-400.00+HST per month

Pick UP

Contact Us to see if your child attends one of the Schools Dragonz picks up from.