Dragonz Karate Program


Dragonz Martial Artz Centre offers a variety of programs that cater to a wide range of skills and abilities.

Our highly skilled instructors have experience working with people who have special challenges.

Our programs are different – developed by instructors with many years experience. We create personalized instruction so that each student feels comfortable and included.

Students are free to progress at their own speed – and every positive step is supported, encouraged and celebrated by our enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff. 


L'il Dragonz

3-6 Years Old

5 Days a week

30 minute Classes

The Li'l Dragons program helps your child develop stability, balance and flexibility. We teach them about teamwork, respect, self control and focus. We create an obstacle course as we find repetition and consistency are key for this age group.

We work on learning the Dragonz student pledges all with the added bonus of kicking and punchng!!  

Price-120.00 +HST per month

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Kick'in Kidz

7-12 Years Old 

5 Days a week

45-60 Minute Classes

In the Kickin Kids program your child will start to learn karate forms. We keep teaching the martial arts philosophy and work on further developing self confidence, respect and patience. Your child will start learning free step sparring, offensive/defensive sparring and some combinations.

Price-120.00 +HST per Month 

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Teenz and Adultz

13 Years and Up

5 Days a Week

1 Hour Classes

Students in our Teenz/Adultz program learn about the martial philosophy, gain self confidence and learn how to use their power for good! At Dragonz we take a stand against bullying and messages about inclusion and respect for all people are intertwined in our lessons. Student's in the Teenz and Adultz program learn karate forms, combinations, sparring techniques, self defence and best if all a positive attitude!

Price-120.00+HST per month 

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Our BBM club is for all students that have obtained an Orange belt until they pass a Green with Blue belt.

5 Karate classes a week

Black Belt Club class once per week

45-60 minute classes

In the BBM club we introduce Weapons training, Boxing and Ground work.

We continue with forms, combinations, sparing techniques and the martial arts philosophy.

Price-125.00+HST per month

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Our Master Club is for students that have obtained a Blue Belt and Up

5 Karate Classes a Week

Masters Class once per week

45-60 minute classes

The Master Club introduces MMA style, Boxing, No gi Jiu-jitsu. 

We continue with forms, combinations, sparing techniques, weapons and the martial arts philosophy.

Price- 135.00+HST per month

Members of the Master Club have the option of joining the kickboxing program for an additional 30.00+HST per month (must be at least 16 years of age)

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At Dragonz Friday is fight night

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