Dragonz Schedule

When Picking Classes.....Keep In mInd The Following

Classes are designated A, B or A/B We Recommend that Students attend a minimum of 1 A class and 1 B class each week.

A Classes

Technique, Kicking and Sparring drills 

B Classes

Forms, Combinations and Stances 

Classes By Belt

Li'l Dragonz Ages 3-6 White-White/Stripe

Kickin Kidz- Ages 7-12 or who have achieved their Purple belts

Teenz/Adultz-13 years and older

Kickboxing- 16 and Up

Black Belt Club- students with Orange Belts and Up

Master Belt- Students with Blue Belts and Up


There are no classes on the last Saturday of every month for grading

Students must have at least their Red, Blue, Black and Yellow Stripes to grade.