As a parent with a child who has a tough time focusing on things, I had been looking for an activity that would really bring out his enthusiasm.  A friend referred me to Dragonz on Danforth and I am blown away!  I have never seen my son so excited and engaged.  I love how well Sir Marvin connect's with the kids and how eager they are to impress him!  And he knows how to make the parents laugh too, which is a bonus.  His talk with the kids at the end of class about “indomitable spirit” – what it means and how they can use it at school too was a perfect end to the class.  If there should ever be a video tutorial for how to run a karate class with young children, yesterday’s would have been it!  Thanks for making my son feel so confident and included.  Looking forward to more classes!

Christina D

Dragonz and Sir have been in our life for so many years we can't even remember when they weren't...he is one of the most passionate, generous to a fault and caring instructors, artist, friend and human beings in our life and besides being up to helping any charity on a moments notice, his heart is bigger than his talk! Even though we enjoy both!!! Thank all you for being a big happy part of our lives sir! Dragonz is a great family that we are honoured to be a part of!

K & A

Sir Marvin has cultivated a great community and an array of talented and dependable instructors. I've seen a few kids grow into their roles as leaders and i feel confident that my children will reap the benefits from being a part of Dragonz Martial Artz Centre.

Colin T